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Towarzystwo Metafizyczne im. A.N. Whiteheada, Instytut Filozofii WNS i Wydział Biologii i Ochrony Środowiska Uniwersytetu Śląskiego zapraszają na wykłady profesora Daniela Dombrowskiego z Uniwersytetu w Seattle (USA), specjalisty z dziedziny historii filozofii, filozofii procesu, filozofii religii i etyki. Wykłady odbędą się w czwartek i piątek 17 i 18 marca. Plan wykładów: czwartek 17 marca, godz. 10.00 sala Rady Wydziału Biologii i Ochrony Środowiska Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, ul. Bankowa 9 (I piętro) Two Arguments for Animal Rights Summary: In this lecture I will argue in favor of the claim that nonhuman animals have moral rights and should have legal rights. Two arguments will be presented: the argument from sentiency and the argument from marginal cases. These arguments, if successful, have a dramatic effect on how human animals should eat, clothe themselves, and engage in science. piątek 18 marca, godz. 11.00 sala Sympozjalna III na Wydziale Nauk Społecznych (IV piętro) Is the Ontological Argument Worthless?: A Process Response Summary: “I conclude that ontological arguments are completely worthless. While the history and analysis of ontological arguments makes for interesting reading, the critical verdict of that reading is entirely negative” (Graham Oppy, Ontological Arguments and Belief in God, Cambridge University Press, 1995). In this lecture is will argue against Graham Oppy’s charge that the ontological argument is worthless. I will claim that the ontological argument is worth a great deal in terms of the clarity it helps us to achieve both with respect to the existence of God and the concept of God. That is, there is a crucial distinction between the claim that God exists (divine existence) and how God exists (divine actuality). I will argue along with Charles Hartshorne that the concept of God as static found in classical or traditional theism can be improved upon by a neoclassical or process concept of God as dynamic. As a result of the process concept of God the ontological argument is enhanced. Profesor Daniel Dombrowski jest autorem publikacji: „Christian Pacifism”, „The Philosophy of Vegetarianism”, „Rawls and Religion: The Case for Political Liberalism”, „Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights”, „Divine Beauty: The Aesthetics of Charles Hartshorne”, „A Platonic Philosophy of Religion: A Process Perspective”.


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