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Polskie Towarzystwo Fizyczne Oddział w Katowicach serdecznie zaprasza na konwersatorium, na którym Prof. Dr. A.M. Glazer z Clarendon Laboratory w Oxfordzie wygłosi wykład: The Morphotropic Phase Boundary - My Part in its Downfall. Konwersatorium odbędzie się w poniedziałek 12 maja o godz. 14.00 w Sali Audytoryjnej III Instytutu Fizyki, Uniwersytet Śląski, Katowice, ul. Uniwersytecka 4. Streszczenie wykładu The Morphotropic Phase Boundary (MPB) was discovered in the 1970''s in the important ferroelectric system lead zirconate titanate (PZT). The MPB is found approximately half way in the phase diagram but does not denote formation of a distinct compound. The importance of the MPB in technology is illustrated by the fact that most piezoelectric transducers wordlwide are made with PZT near this composition. However the exact nature of the MPB has until recently been unknown. The recent discovery of a monoclinic phase in the MPB region has caused a great deal of interest with many publications appearing in the last three years. In this talk I shall discuss the structural origins of the phases of PZT and suggest a way of thinking about the MPB that may be somewhat controversial.


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